Week 1 of the KCB Renovation

We just closed on our new home and its time to get to work!  We closed on a Friday in Miami with our truck packed for the move.  Jackhammer, sledge hammer, Chisel, various saws, etc. The normal moving supplies…for the Coopers.  Most people get their keys and bring the moving trucks.  Not us.  We did not get any keys, and there were no moving trucks, but we had a drill and power tools, so we drilled through the lock and put a new one on it and declared us moved!

We started first thing in the morning, jack hammering all the tile floors, demolishing plaster walls, and pretty much anything else in our way. Mike came by to help out and we quickly put him to work. Mike K. just moved to Key West a few weeks ago which was perfect timing for our move!

After 3 days of manual labor we had the floors out and most of the plaster walls out.  We felt pretty good with our progress and things were starting to move forward.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR1123.Original Bath

The most significant repair to this home was the “spalling”.  Spalling repairs are very common in the keys but new to me.  There is a 12-16″ concrete beam that runs alonDCIM100GOPROGOPR1130.the top of all block construction homes.  In environments like the Florida Keys, the concrete beam overtime deteriorates.  The salt and moisture works its way into the concrete and rusts the rebar inside the beams.  Eventually the beams crumble from rusting rebar and moisture and causes the concrete to blow out. Spalling is being left to the pros who will start on their work soon…hopefully.

You may have noticed a pile of uninstalled cabinets in the house,  the old owner began a renovation project in 2004 and purchased all the cabinets and even started hanging them before drywall was even on the wall.


They have been sitting in the house for 12 years but are like new so we decided to reuse them…but not here.  So we packed as much as we could up in the truck and plan to use them on one of our rentals later on.

So feeling satisfied with our progress we head home and left the house to the contractors to begin supporting the roof, tearing out the old concrete header, and pouring a new one.



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