Visit 3 KCB Project – Testing The Airlines

Its has been about 4 weeks since we have been back to the project.  All the contractors are now in full swing demolishing the concrete header all the way around the house.  I decided to take a quick solo trip down the keys and check on the project and meet with several of our contractors.  We have Charlie Schaul’s 2nd birthday this coming weekend so I am trying out Jet Blue’s 45min flight to Fort Lauderdale for $50.  My plan is to get the keys shuttle from there and have them drop me off at Mikes place.  Then catch a ride back with Mike all the way back to Jax with a quick pit stop in Cocoa Beach.

My long term plan is to hopefully be able to take quick trips without a car and just be able to catch a quick $50 flight and shuttle to KCB to “check on the house” and maybe fish a little bit. So far it worked really well but I changed my plan when I got to the Airport and found I could get a rental car for 2 days for $25/day, IMG_5501Fox Rentals….very good people watching at the Miami Branch.  I didn’t realize that spandex 1 piece jump suits were a thang…Sarah says they are…but for ENORMOUS ladies…It should not be a thang..but apparently it is there.  So I tried to wash my retinas of what I just witnessed and I was soon cruising down US1 in my new ride.

The main objective right now is to fix all the spalling and concrete.  Now, I have explained what it is but here is exactly what it looks like after they supported the roof, jack-hammered the header, and then after they put new rebar in with some kind of sacrificial zinc balls ($35/each every 12″).  They better add 50 years to that rebar at that price…and finally the finished product after the concrete is poured.

I met with Ron from Arlington Electric who is not cheap either but worth every penny.  Extremely good electrician and has some of the best lobster spots I have ever seen in my life.  I got a lot accomplished and was very happy I made the quick trip to meet with everyone and see the progress.  It was now time to meet up with Mike in KW…

…So I am going to keep it short, nice dinner, a few drinks, social scene, asked to leave social scene, stayed in “hotel element” at the top of the parking garage, Maverick made an appearance and resulted in us being forced to move hotel element to a side street, ended up in Sombrero (yes hotel element is a mobile hotel/motel), showered in the park and headed to Charlies 2nd Birthday Party. Pretty good trip and pretty much a normal evening with Maverick in Key West.

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